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‘Ready for Resurrection’

Four Project TURN students have since been released from prison, including a woman who was released on Easter Sunday.

“I’m getting ready for a new life, a resurrection,” she told her classmates. “And all of you are a part of it. You treated me like a person, like I was worth something. And now I plan to live like that’s the truth.”

She is currently working as a case manager for a non-profit that helps women re-enter the community after release from prison.

For information, contact Sarah Jobe at (919) 768-7541.

The first “Spiritual Autobiography” course is offered at the Raleigh Correctional Center for Women.

Project TURN expands to offer classes at Durham Correctional Center, a minimum security men’s facility.

Courses during 2010
Paul’s Writings in Prison
Riffing on Scripture: The Bible in Art, Literature, and Culture
Spiritual Autobiography — two courses

40 students
7 Divinity School professors*
5 alumni
35 individual donors
6 local churches provide financial and prayer support

*Douglas Campbell, Paul Griffiths, Richard B. Hays, Richard Lischer, Anathea Portier-Young, Lauren Winner, and Norman Wirzba.