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Faculty & Staff Notes

the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas Clergy Conference, addressing the topic “Preaching the Old Testament,” Nov. 2–3.

Samuel Wells traveled in October to the Netherlands to deliver the keynote address at the University of Utrecht conference “Faith in a Secular Age,” and then preached at the annual Judges’ Service in Liverpool Cathedral. In November, he preached at Princeton University Chapel. He was the keynote speaker for the annual meeting of the Society of Lutheran Ethicists in January. He also spoke at Main Street United Methodist Church in Hattiesburg, Miss., and delivered the Staley Lecture at Davidson College.

Lauren F. Winner is on leave from Duke this academic year as a fellow at the Yale Institute of Sacred Music. Her study A Cheerful and Comfortable Faith: Anglican Religious Practice in the Elite Households of Eighteenth-Century Virginia (Yale University Press) was released this fall. Winner reviewed Mark Valeri’s Heavenly Merchandize in the November/December issue of Books and Culture, and Jeffrey Stout’s Blessed Are the Organized in the January issue of Sojourners. In October, she gave the Zabriskie Lecture at the Cathedral of All Souls, Asheville, N.C.

Norman Wirzba presented “Eating as a Theological Concern” at the Critical Issues Symposium at Hope College, Holland, Mich., Oct. 6; “Preaching the Theme of Creation” at the annual meeting of the North Carolina Council of Churches, Oct. 14; “A World of Priests: Receiving and Giving the World” at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion, Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 1; and “Why Theologians Should Be Agrarians” at a meeting of the Raleigh Area Theological Society, Nov. 11.