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Faculty & Staff Notes

Atheists: Can We Win and Should We Try?” In September, he traveled to England on pilgrimage to the beatification of John Henry Newman. In October, he spoke about John Henry Newman’s beatification at St. Thomas More Parish, Chapel Hill, N.C.; presented “Identifying the Beloved in the Song of Songs” at Loyola University of Maryland; lectured and led discussion on religious diversity and on marriage and the theology of the body at Saints Mary & Edward Catholic Parish, Roxboro, N.C.; and delivered the keynote address “Defending Life by Embracing Death: The ars moriendi and Caring for Health” at a conference on human dignity and the future of health care at Baylor University, Waco, Texas.

W. Stephen Gunter has received a summer 2011 research grant from the Netherlands Society for Scientific Research to continue research for a forthcoming book, The ‘Sentiments’ of Jacobus Arminius: A Reformation Theologian . In conjunction with the school’s exchange program with the Free University of Amsterdam, Prof. Dr. Martien Brinkman will be a scholar-in-residence at Duke while Gunter is in the Netherlands.

Stanley Hauerwas participated in a public conversation with Luke Bretherton and John Milbank at the Faith and Public Policy Forum, King’s College, London, Oct. 18; and a public debate on death at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, Oct. 19. He delivered the Carl Lecture at First United Methodist Church, Schenectady, N.Y., Nov. 7; “Sacrificing the Sacrifices of War” at College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Mass., Nov. 8; and “On Being a Theologian in the Public Square” at Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, Ind., Nov. 15. He preached at Dayspring Baptist Church, Waco, Texas, Dec. 5; and presented “A Conversation with Stanley Hauerwas” at Baylor University Dec. 6.

Richard P. Heitzenrater published “Evangelical Awakenings in the Atlantic Community,” in The Cambridge History of Religions in America , edited by Stephen J. Stein, 3 vols. (Cambridge University Press); “John and Charles Wesley: Life, Ministry, and Legacy,” in T&T Clark Companion to Methodism , edited by Charles Yrigoyen (T&T Clark); “Finding Wesley,” in Methodism and History , edited by Peter Forsaith in honor of John Vickers (Wesley Historical Society); and “Charles Wesley and James Oglethorpe in Georgia,” in Proceedings of the Charles Wesley Society , edited by ST Kimbrough Jr. (2010). In October, he led the Autumn Adventures week “Living with the Wesleys,” with ST Kimbrough Jr., at Epworth By the Sea, St. Simons Island, Ga.; and a three-day pastors’ retreat for the Orders of Elder and Deacon in the North Alabama Annual Conference at Camp Sumatanga, Ala. He presented the presidential address, “Inventing Church History,” and chaired the session “Methodist Media: Comparing Means of Communicating the Message” at the annual meeting of the American Society of Church History, Boston, Mass., in January. During the winter term, he is teaching the course “Codebreakers and Secret Writing” at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Duke.

Emmanuel Katongole ’s newest book, The Sacrifice of Africa: A Political Theology for Africa (Eerdmans), was published as part of the Ekklesia series. Katongole presented “Pursuing Reconciliation in Africa: Stories from Bethany,” the lecture accompanying his reception of Duke’s 2010 Thomas A. Langford Award, Nov. 9. As director of the Great Lakes Initiative of the Divinity School’s Center for Reconciliation, he convened the inaugural GLI Leadership Institute in Kampala, Uganda, Jan. 16–22, co-sponsored by the Center for Reconciliation, African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries (ALARM), the Mennonite Central Committee, and World Vision International.

Richard A. Lischer appeared in the PBS American Experience documentary God in America . His interview dealt with the significance of Martin Luther King Jr. for American religious life. Earlier in the fall, he spoke to representatives of the two First Baptist churches of Raleigh, N.C.,  in their series “From Separation to Reconciliation.” This academic year he is participating in a universitywide interdisciplinary seminar called “Narrative in Action,” dealing with the role of narrative in shaping social movements. His book The Preacher King has been published in Japanese, becoming the fourth of his volumes to be translated into the Japanese language.

David M. Moffitt published “Unveiling Jesus’ Body: A Fresh Assessment of the Relationship between the Veil and Jesus’ Flesh in Hebrews 10:20,” in Perspectives in Religious Studies (37, 2010). In July, he presented a paper entitled “P.Duk.inv. 727R: A 3rd-Century B.C.E. Legal Dispute with Some Προσήλυτοι in the Fayyum and Its Significance for the Usage of Προσήλυτος in the LXX” at the meeting of the International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies in Helsinki, Finland. In November, he attended the annual meeting