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Registration Open for ‘Arts and the Life of the Church’

2011 Convocation & Pastors’ School

The arts can provide a source of inspiration as we seek new and vibrant ways of interpreting the Word. 

Join professor and musician Jeremy Begbie, author Marilynne Robinson, professor and musician Anthony Kelley and the BLAK Ensemble, and the Rev. Dr. Lillian Daniel for “Drawn into Scripture: Arts and the Life of the Church” Oct. 10–11, 2011, at the Divinity School’s 2011 Convocation & Pastors’ School.

The event also will feature a worship service with illuminations from the Saint John’s Bible, a masterpiece of calligraphy, color, and design.

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Did You Know?

The sessions from the 2010 Convocation & Pastors’ School are among the most widely downloaded audio recordings from across all of Duke University. As one alumnus reflected in a post-event evaluation: “The speakers really addressed a very wide spectrum of listeners. I am non-denominational and semi-evangelical and felt totally welcomed.”

If you’d like to enjoy last year’s sessions—featuring lectures by Bishop N.T. Wright, pastor Rob Bell, author Andy Crouch, and Bishop Vashti McKenzie— download or listen to them online via iTunes U »