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Seeking ‘Consensus Against Torture’

The Divinity School will host the conference “Toward a Moral Consensus Against Torture: A Gathering of Students, Clergy, People of Conscience, and People of Faith,” on March 25–26.

The conference is part of a national effort by organizers to develop a moral consensus that “Torture is never justified; it dehumanizes both victim and perpetrator; and it ultimately renders the nation that practices it morally damaged, less secure, and less human than before,” says Amy Laura Hall, conference coordinator and associate professor of Christian ethics at the Divinity School.

Among the speakers are Richard Cizik, president, New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good; Christina Cowger, coordinator, North Carolina Stop Torture Now; Amy Fettig, staff attorney with the ACLU National Prison Project; Phil Griffin, leader of the civil constitutional litigation team at North Carolina Prisoner Legal Services; David Gushee, distinguished professor, Mercer University, and board chair, New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good; Linda Gustitus, president, National Religious Campaign Against Torture; Scott Horton, contributing editor of Harper’s Magazine ; and George Hunsinger, McCord Professor of Systematic Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary and founder, National Religious Campaign Against Torture.

Conference sponsors are the Duke Human Rights Center, the N.C. Council of Churches, and the National Religious Campaign Against Torture. For information or to register, visit

The deadline to register is March 18.

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“... the greatest protection against the U.S. government’s use of torture is shared understanding that torture is always wrong.”