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Annual Fund updates, Giving Back, and more

of Dr. Allen Verhey’s course on the ‘Love Commandment.’”

Wright is also quick to acknowledge the formative friendships he experienced at Duke. “Professors Amy Laura Hall and Grant Wacker were very important to me personally. Dr. Wacker’s kindness deeply affected my personal and professional development. I glance at the shelves in my office, and they are filled with books from my courses and from recommendations by friends and teachers who said, ‘This book will change your life!’ These books are constant reminders of what’s been given to me and invested in me. You feel the weight of those gifts, all those people who have believed in you.”

As this year’s graduates begin practicing ministry, Wright advises them to focus on humility.

“You may be placed in positions of leadership and authority,” he says. “But never forget your job is to serve and to learn. The minute you think to yourself, ‘Yes, I think I’ve got this under control,’ that’s when you will have problems.”

Betsy Poole is associate director of annual giving and alumni relations.