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Teal Blue Cross

This year, we have chosen teal blue for our prayer crosses, although, truth be told, the color is just as much green as it is blue: green, the color of creation; and blue, the color of the heavens. This color is what St. Ambrose might call “a hypostatic union of heaven and earth,” representing for us the mystery of the incarnation, when heaven stooped low to kiss the earth.

Dear friends, we present these prayer crosses to you with our gratitude for all that you have meant to us in our brief time together. We place them in your hands with our fervent prayers for your continued faithfulness to Christ and his church. When you first worshiped with us at Opening Convocation three years ago, you were wide-eyed and full of expectations. I prayed for you that day. While I knew that you wanted to become excellent in writing, preaching, and pastoring, I wanted you—first of all—to be made excellent in love. Three years later, that is still my prayer for you.

Excerpted from remarks at the Senior Cross service on April 18, 2012, by the Reverend Sally Bates, chaplain at Duke Divinity School.