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Faculty & Staff Notes

presented “Wesleyan Evangelism” at First United Methodist Church in Salisbury, N.C.

Jo Wells served as the Old Testament contributor for the adult education DVD teaching series “Anglicanism: A Gift in Christ” (Anglican Communion Institute), which came out in July. She led the all-church retreat for Messiah Episcopal Church in St. Paul, Minn., June 11–13, presenting “Themes from Exodus: God leads the people out, for what?” She was a keynote speaker for the Warren Burns Learning Series at a weekend organized jointly by Galloway United Methodist Church and St. Andrew’s Episcopal Cathedral in Jackson, Miss., Aug. 21–22.

Sam Wells published Christian Ethics: An Introductory Reader (Wiley-Blackwell); Living Out Loud , with co-author Stanley Hauerwas, edited by Luke Bretherton et al. (Paternoster); Liturgy Comes to Life , a photo book about worship and its role in Christian formation; “The Nature and Destiny of Serious Theology” in Reinhold Niebuhr and Contemporary Politics: God and Power , edited by Richard Harries and Stephen Platten (Oxford University Press); and “Bell and the Voice of the Church in Time of War” in Crucible (April–June 2010). He delivered the baccalaureate address at Elon University in May and the commencement address at Ravenscroft School, Raleigh, N.C., in June. He led a retreat for the clergy of the Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida in September.

Luba Zakharov was elected by the Duke University Perkins Library staff to serve as secretary to the Duke University Librarians Assembly. She was a contributor to the “Theological Libraries Month: Success Stories” poster session at the American Theological Library Association conference in Louisville, Ky. She also participated in the planning for the conference session “Great Underappreciated and Much Needed Works of Theological Reference.” In July, she accepted the appointment of secretary to the ATLA Public Services Interest Group Steering Committee.