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New Books from Duke Divinity Faculty

New releases include offerings from Freeman, Wells, and Winner

down-to-earth guidance in facing common fears in the life of faith. Encouraging readers to look deep into the questions of their lives and deep into the heart of God, this book provides an intellectually rigorous but scripturally rooted and theologically accessible engagement with questions of faith.

Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis
By Lauren Winner, Assistant Professor of Christian Spirituality
HarperOne, 2012
272 pages, Hardcover, $24.99
In this book Winner describes how experiences of loss and failure unexpectedly slam her into a wall of doubt and spiritual despair. Witty, relatable, and fiercely honest, she lays bare her experience of what she calls the “middle” of the spiritual life. She explores why—in the midst of the overwhelming anxiety, loneliness, and boredom of her deepest questioning about where (or if) God is—the Christian story still explains who she is better than any other story she’s ever known. Still is an absorbing meditation combining literary grace with spiritual wisdom.

Making Peace with the Land: God’s Call to Reconcile with Creation
By Norman Wirzba, Research Professor of Theology, Ecology, and Rural Life,
and Fred Bahnson
IVP Books, 2012
160 pages, Paperback, $15.00
This book declares that in Christ God reconciles all bodies into a peaceful, life-promoting relationship with one another. Because human beings are incarnated in material, bodily existence, we are necessarily interdependent with plants and animals, land and sea, heaven and earth. The good news is that redemption is cosmic, with implications for agriculture and ecology, from farm to dinner table. Bahnson and Wirzba describe communities that model cooperative practices of relational life, with local food production, eucharistic eating, and delight in God’s provision. Reconciling with the land is a rich framework for a new way of life.