Tuesday, February 18, 2014 - 12:20pm to 1:20pm
Duke Divinity School, 0012 Westbrook
stilley@div.duke.edu; anoel@div.duke.edu

The Anglican Episcopal House of Studies at Duke Divinity School will co-sponsor a brown-bag lunch presentation and discussion, "The Vocation of the Priest-Poet," by poet and musician the Rev. Malcolm Guite. This event is only open to Duke University students, staff, and faculty.

The discussion is part of a three-day exploration of poetry, music, and Christian imagination sponsored by Duke Initiatives in Theology and the Arts (DITA) at the Divinity School and Blacknall Memorial Presbyterian Church in Durham, N.C.

In collaboration with DITA Director Jeremy Begbie, Guite and folk singer-songwriter Steve Bell will present free public lecture/concerts, readings, and theological discussions as part of the "The Word Made Fresh," culminating in a final evening performance.