The International Office will not be notified to begin the visa application process until the Divinity School receives the full tuition deposit. These funds will then be deposited in the students university bursar account.

If the international student does not enroll, the full amount of these funds deposited in the students bursar account will be refunded to the student or his/her funding source.

A statement demonstrating financial arrangements for the proposed term at the Divinity School must be submitted.

Estimated minimum expenses per academic year for a single international student are $39,957 based on M.Div. tuition. Figures are based on 2013-14 projections and are subject to change.

Living costs for additional family members should be figured on the basis of a minimum $400 per month for a spouse and $260 per month per child.

The Duke Medical Insurance Plan is required for the student, spouse and other dependents and will incur an additional cost.

Upon the student's acceptance for admission and our office's electronic receipt of the request for temporary visa form a copy of the student's admissions materials and additional required documents are sent by the Divinity School Admissions office to the Duke Visa Services.

Upon Duke Visa Service's determination that the student's financial resources are adequate for his or her intended course of study, the Visa Service staff will process the visa application. Official admission to Duke Divinity School is contingent upon satisfactory certification of financial responsibility and the completion of forms supporting the issuance of your visa eligibility form.

In making plans for study at Duke Divinity School, an applicant should be aware of the following:

  1. Information regarding the F-1 visa class and J-1 visa class
  2. You are required to provide proof of sufficient financial resources to underwrite the difference between any financial aid that may be provided by Duke Divinity School and the total cost of attending the Divinity School.
  3. FAQ about the visa process and entering the USA

Contact information for the Duke International Office:

Duke Visa Services
Box 90415
Durham, NC 27708-0415
Phone: (919) 681 8472
Fax: (919) 681-8492

International Application Information