Field Education Policies and Procedures Manual (pdf)

For Supervisors:

For Lay Mentoring Teams:

For Students:

For CPE:

  • CPE (Parish-Based) Application (pdf) (doc)
  • CPE (Parish-Based) Memorandum of Agreement for Site Visits (pdf) (doc)
  • CPE (Parish-Based) Learning-Serving Covenant (pdf) (doc)
  • CPE (Parish-Based) Midterm Review (pdf) (doc)
  • CPE (Parish-Based) Final Evaluation (pdf) (doc)

For Student Pastors:

  • Student Pastor Registration Form (pdf) (doc)
  • Student Pastor Petition to Overload Form (pdf) (doc)
  • District Superintendent Evaluation of Student Pastor (pdf)  (doc)
  • Pastor Parish/Personnel Committee Evaluation of Student Pastor (pdf)  (doc)

For International Field Education:

  • International Field Education Application  Apply


  • Learning-Serving Covenant for International Placements (pdf)  (doc)
  • International Field Education Evaluations for Students (pdf)  (doc)
  • International Field Education Evaluation for Supervisor (pdf) (doc)

Field Education Resources: