The Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.) is a general academic degree. The degree provides an introduction to the theological disciplines as a foundation for a graduate research degree. It also provides grounding for teaching, research or personal enrichment.

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Academic Requirements
  • Sixteen courses (8 required courses and 8 electives) and four or more semesters of residency are required.
  • Thesis: Each student is required to write a paper that addresses the learnings or major emphases of the individual's program. The paper will be submitted within a course during the final semester, fulfilling the requirements of both the course and the degree program.
  • Student portfolio: All M.T.S. students are required to compile a portfolio consisting of certain papers with faculty feedback and student reflections. The portfolio serves to demonstrate the formation of the student in the areas of exegesis of Christian texts and the ability to think theologically.

Note: Participation in a spiritual formation group is strongly encouraged, though not required, for M.T.S. degree students.