Master of Theological Studies/Juris Doctor (M.T.S./J.D.)

The Divinity School and Duke Law School have established a combined four-year program in law and theological studies. Acceptance into this program requires applying separately for admission to each school. The students in the M.T.S./J.D. program may enroll the first year in either the Divinity School or the Law School. If the student begins in the former, the first-year curriculum is the same as that of other Divinity School students; if the student begins in the latter, the first-year curriculum is the same as that of other law students. The student’s second year consists of the full first-year program of the other school. In the third and fourth years of the program, the student takes courses in both schools. Approximately two-thirds of these courses are taken in the Law School.

Academic Requirements


  • Twelve courses: Of these twelve courses, the Divinity School selects eight requirements, and the student may choose four electives.
  • Thesis: Each student is required to write a paper that addresses the learnings or major emphases of the individual's program. The paper is submitted within a course during the final semester, fulfilling the requirements of both the course and the degree program.
  • Student portfolio: All M.T.S. students are required to compile a portfolio consisting of certain papers with faculty feedback and student reflections. The portfolio serves to demonstrate the formation of the student in the areas of exegesis of Christian texts and the ability to think theologically.


  • Approximately 2/3 of the coursework is at Duke Law School.
  • Student spends one full year at the law school and one full year at the divinity school (in either order).  The final two years are blended.
Certificates & Concentrations

Students pursuing a dual M.T.S./J.D. are eligible to seek the following certificates: