Gender, Sexuality, Theology, and Ministry (GSTM) offers opportunities to women and men to study gender and sexuality in the life of the church, in the Christian tradition, and in contemporary culture.

GSTM creates a network, community of discourse, and intellectual space — at Duke Divinity School and beyond — where we privilege questions of gender in the academic study and practices of theology, ministry, and lived religion. We examine intersections of gender with race, ethnicity, class, and sexuality, and ask what these questions mean for the church and for our common work.

What We Do
  • We offer a Certificate Program for students in the M.Div., M.T.S., and Th.D. degrees
  • Our students present their work at the Spring semester colloquia
  • We foster scholarship and academic dialogue across fields and positions
  • We help develop new courses that utilize the study of gender as a primary analytical lens
  • We facilitate a network of peers and mentors to support and guide students, scholars, and professionals working at the intersections of gender, theology, and ministry
  • We bring guest lecturers to Duke Divinity School
  • We sponsor training in pastoral responses to domestic violence

The certificate program enables our students to make the study of gender, theology, and ministry a core component of their theological education. It fosters a collaborative environment for teaching, research, service learning, and dialogue

Students working toward the Certificate in Gender, Sexuality, Theology, and Ministry

  • Begin with the provocative and stimulating Women’s Studies course Debates in Women’s Studies
  • Take two electives in the Divinity School or Religion Department that utilize gender as a primary lens
  • Design and executean independent research or service learning project
  • Present their work and discuss each others’ work in the Senior Colloquium

The Senior Colloquium is open to members of the wider community.