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The Conduct Covenant of Duke Divinity School

We, the faculty and students in the Divinity School of Duke University, make covenant, individually and corporately, to uphold the highest standards of personal and academic integrity. This includes, but is not limited to, never lying, cheating, stealing, causing harm to self or others, or defacing property. Set aside by our calling, we hold ourselves and each other to the highest standards of conduct.

As a Divinity School committed to forming and educating persons for the ministry of Jesus Christ, we covenant together to embody truth in every aspect of our lives, including our academic work. In joyful obedience to Christ, we gratefully involve our bodies, minds, and spirits in this community of discipline and love, recognizing that we are a people called to worship God by the Spirit of truth.

Duke Divinity School is a Christian community shaped by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While we do not expect members of other faith traditions to share the theological framework of which this covenant was developed, we welcome into our community anyone who is willing to live and work under the standards of conduct specified.