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Help! I have a paper due!' / Crafting an Argument (pdf)
Reverse Outlining (pdf)
How To Read (pdf)
Close Reading(pdf)
Remembering Grammar (pdf)
Avoiding Plagiarism
Citing Sources Within Your Paper (Use Turabian Footnotes)

Sample CH 13 papers

Sample Paper 1 (pdf)
Sample Paper 2 (pdf)
Sample Paper 3 (pdf)

Books on reserve at the Divinity School Library

Style Toward Clarity and Grace - Joseph Williams
The Seminary Student Writes - Deborah Core
Elements of Biblical Exegesis - Michael Gorman
A Manual for Writers - Kate Turabian
The Craft of Argument - Joseph M. Williams
The SBL Handbook of Style - Patrick H. Alexander, ed.
Elements of Style - Strunk and White
Elements of Grammar - Margaret Shertzer

Additional Grammar Links

Idiomatic Phrases
Irregular Verbs
Verb Tenses
Possessive Nouns
Sentence Fragments
Verb Tense Sequences
Verb Tense Consistency
Verbal Phrases: Gerunds, Participles, and Infinitives
English as a Second Language

Helpful Library Links

Research Guides and Citation Style Manuals (Designed for the Divinity School)
Divinity School Citation Guide
Divinity School Library Help Center Web Page

Subject Guides

Religious and Theological Research Databases
Locating Book Reviews
Methodist Studies - Print Resources
Methodist Studies - Electronic Resources
Biblical Exegesis (pdf)

Using the Internet for Research

Evaluating What You Find on the Internet
Internet Resources in Religion and Theology

Need More Help?

Research Guides
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Stop by the Divinity School Library Reference Desk or make an appointment with Andy Keck: (919) 660-3549

Resources for Faculty

Narrative Grading Rubric for Faculty (pdf)
Instructions for the Narrative Grading Rubric (pdf)
Description of Grades (pdf)