With God In Mind:
Sermons on the Art and Architecture of Duke Divinity School

Westbrook Tapestry DetailAs Duke Divinity School planned a new building next to the “great towering church” known as Duke Chapel, the guiding vision was to craft an environment where, for generations to come, people’s imaginations would be shaped by both Scripture and aesthetics.

With the publication of this full-color, 150-page book celebrating the sermons, art, and architecture inspired by the 2005 addition, readers are invited to join the ancient conversation between the image and the Word.

“What a uniquely Christian theological affirmation … to commission works of art that locate the divine and to celebrate those works and the Scripture that inspired them in a preaching series,” notes Will Willimon in his foreword.

The voices of faculty and staff gathered here are diverse, ranging from a Ugandan priest to the seminary chaplain. What these men and woman hold in common is a love of Scripture and the church that enriches their teaching and mentoring of students, as well as their preaching.

Featured sermons are by Richard Lischer, Susan Pendleton Jones, Kenneth L. Carder, William C. Turner, Richard B. Hays, Ellen F. Davis, James L. Crenshaw, Emmanuel Katongole, Sally Bates, Willie James Jennings, Stanley Hauerwas, Richard P. Heitzenrater, and L. Gregory Jones.

The Art and Architecture of Duke Divinity School

With God in Mind: Sermons on the Art and Architecture of Duke Divinity School
Duke University, October 2008
Hardcover, $34.95